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business document authorisation, signing and witnessing

At work, how often have you asked or been asked 'can I get you to sign'...this form, application, contract or other legal document?

Putting pen to paper isn't always easy. getU2sign is a time and cost saving way to approve documents, forms and to execute contracts and other legal documents, without the hassle of meetings or exchanging emails or faxes.

Unlike other electronic signing systems, getU2sign captures, embeds and encyrpts to the document, the person's true signature in real-time (in 'digital ink'), along with metadata verifying the time, date and location of each signee.

No more delays in getting important paperwork approved and signed.  getU2sign delivers confidental, authenticated and secure approvals and execution of all business and legal documents.

Efficiency & savings

Remove the time, costs and effort of copying, emailing, printing and chasing up approvals before you can move forward with a project.


Turn a verbal yes, into a firm commitment with simple approval of quotes and contracts.


No matter where you, senior managers or clients maybe it is easy to sign and get on with business.


getU2sign approval is a true signature, captured in real-time and embedded to the document with metadata confirming date, time and location, for each signature.

Your document

Prepare your document, form or application on any device and upload to getU2sign.


Send a request for signatures by SMS to anyone that needs to sign o witness the document.The signer and or witnesses, click the message link to access the getU2sign signature screen to review the document and then make their signature.

Mobile sign and witness

If you are the signer, just sign with your finger or stylus pen on your device and anyone connected to the signing session will witness you sign, as you do it! Witness/es can add their signatures and getU2sign captures authenticating metadata which is embeded to the document.

Secured & finalised document

Our proprietary technology encrypts and embeds the signatures, with metadata verifiying the time, date and location of each signer plus store any related video of the signing session. The finailised document is encrypted and securely stored.

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